It is entirely reasonable that trans women who have joined transsexual dating sites want to look as attractive and feminine as possible. And what part of an outfit makes ladies look sexy and slimmer? Well, heels of course! However, while cis women are used to walking in stilettos, trans ladies often struggle with this skill. If you too want to look sexy (and not like Bambi on ice) while rocking a gorgeous pair of heels here are some guidelines you should follow.

Heel-to-toe rule

If you want to move elegantly, then you should avoid placing your entire foot down at once. Instead, put your heel down first and then your toes. This will make your walk look more feminine.

Baby steps

When you are wearing high heels, you won’t be able to make long steps, and that is okay. Make shorter steps and slightly sway your hips if you want to drive your date crazy.

Don’t lean

Many women like to wear heels because their posture instantly improves. Heels change your balance, so you shouldn’t arch your back in any way. Keep in mind that slouching isn’t elegant at all, so work on your posture.

Catwalk style

If you studied the way models walk, you have probably noticed that they always place one foot in front of the other. This kind of walk will make your hips sway so when you’re outside, imagine that you are walking on an invisible tightrope. However, don’t overdo it because your movements will look unnatural. The easiest way to achieve the catwalk style is by keeping your thighs together.

Don’t wear heels that are too high

If you haven’t walked in heels before, start low and then work your way up. Instead of immediately trying out stilettos, wear classic pumps. Keep in mind that high heels can seem a little bit slutty, so if you are going on a date with a guy you really like, you might want to consider lower heels.

Practice, practice, practice

Improve your heel walking skills by wearing them while you are doing your chores around the house. This means that you should wash the dishes, vacuum, and dust in your new shoes. It may look silly, we know but you will quickly get used to them this way. Ensure you can walk in them, turn around, sit, get up and get into and out of a car before you leave your home.