Today, many transgender people work in the modeling industry. However, not so long ago it was very difficult for a trans person to find their place on a catwalk. However, times have changed and today we have many successful transgender models who are famous for their beauty and style.

Although it is the 21st century, many people still don’t know the answer to a frequent question “what is transgender”. Let us explain. It is an individual whose sense of gender is different from what would be expected based on the sex characteristics with which they were born with.

If you just type in “what does transgender mean” in your search engine, you will get hundreds of pages explaining this concept. Today there are a lot of famous trans celebrities and many of them are advocates for trans rights. Since many trans people work in the modeling industry, here is a list of the most famous ones.

Amanda Lepore

Born Armand Lepore, she is one of the most famous transgender public figures. She is a model, socialite, singer and performance artist. Amanda has worked for numerous companies, including M.A.C. Cosmetics, Mego Jeans, The Blonds, Swatch, CAMP Cosmetics, and Heatherette.

Candy Darling

If you ever listened to Lou Reed’s hit “Walk on the Wild Side” you have to know this name. Candy is an actress and model who has appeared in such films as Silent Night, Bloody Night and Women in Revolt. She also had an appearance in several Andy Warhol films. Candy died at the age of 30 in 1974.

Caroline Cossey

This British actress and model is one of those transgender celebrities we cannot skip. She was born Barry Kenneth Cossey, and began the transition when she was 17. You could have seen her in such projects as the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only.

Arisce Wanzer

Arisce Wanzer was already a model when she started her transition. She says that she is so open about being transgender that she has no problem telling it to anyone, even strangers.

Aydian Dowling

Dowling rose to fame with his YouTube channel ALionsFears in 2009 where he documented his transition. When Dowling re-created Adam Levine’s famous nude photoshoot for FTM magazine, the image went viral. He also discussed his story with Ellen DeGeneres on her show. Aydian runs a clothing company called Point 5cc.

Geena Rocero

She worked as a model for famous companies like Rimmel London and Hanes and has spoken at the White House and at the UN. Geena is the founder of a nonprofit organization Gender Proud that does advocacy work for the transgender community.

Carmen Carrera

Carmen was born as Christopher Roman. She rose to fame on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Since then she appeared in high-profile shoots and made appearances in movies such as Ricki and the Flash, and series including The Bold and the Beautiful and Jane the Virgin.

Andreja Pejic

Before she underwent sex reassignment surgery, Pejic already had a successful modeling career before she started her transition. She made history as the first transgender model to have a profile in Vogue. Today, she advocates for trans rights and says she is finally comfortable in her own body.