When we hear that some male celebrity is dating a significantly younger girl, we are not surprised at all. It’s like someone has told us that the grass is green and the sky is blue. However, when we find out that an actress or a singer is holding hands with a younger guy, we are all ears. Although cougar dating is becoming more and more socially accepted, we are still not quite used to it. Nevertheless, these famous women don’t care about taboos and gossips and date whomever they want. Ladies, we salute you!

Julianne Moore

Although this actress is 57-years-old, she hasn’t stopped taking our breath away with her talent and hypnotizing beauty. It is safe to say that her husband, the director Bart Freundlich, probably agrees with us. After all, they have been married for 15 years, but they have been together since 1996. Although he is nine years younger than her, that hasn’t stopped them from pursuing their love.  And even to this day, they claim that their age gap is not an issue.

Mariah Carey

This diva with a fantastic voice is also on our cougar list. If you have followed her career, you probably know that she was married to Nick Cannon, who is a decade younger than her. When they first met, he dazzled her with his sense of humor, and six years later, they exchanged their vows.

Demi Moore

Because of her marriage to Ashton Kutcher, Demi became one of the most famous Hollywood cougars. They tied the knot in 2005 but split in 2013. Two years later, That 70s Show star married Mila Kunis, who also played one of the main characters in this hit series.

Jennifer Lopez

That body, those curves, that voice! Who can blame Casper for falling for Jennifer Lopez? After her third divorce, J. Lo started a relationship with one of her backup dancers. Nobody believed that it would last, especially since he is 18 years younger than her. However, the couple stayed together for several years.

Kathy Griffin

Who would have guessed that Griffin is one of the cougars? However, her partner is even 19 years younger than her! The couple met in Los Angeles six years ago, and they have been an item ever since.