Transgender individuals are one of those groups that face great discrimination on a daily basis. In other to fight it, they usually resort to the wrong tactics that keep them in a vicious cycle they can’t get out of no matter what they do. Obviously, this doesn’t make transgender dating or any other particular aspect of their everyday lives any easier, and we’d like to do our part and contribute to breaking down the barriers between mainstream society and the transgender community.

#1: Talking To Your Inner Circle

The inner circle of every member of the TS community is crucial when it comes to self-acceptance and finding the strength to fight injustice and poor treatment by others. If you’re transgender, the best thing you can do is to talk about the issues you face on a daily basis with your close friends and family, who can encourage you to be yourself and find your true calling, thus creating your own source of positive energy to rely on when the road gets rocky. Once you get comfortable talking to them, you’ll find it much easier to talk to people you don’t know all that well, such as transgender dates or new friends.

#2: Date Openly

Staying confined to your own little world will do little to solve any problem. Get out there and meet new people, get active in the community, and find a way to make your voice heard through social media or locally. Open up a profile on a transgender dating site and start meeting people who are already aware of your status. This is a simple and less intimidating first step than meeting people in bars or restaurants.

#3: Make Sure Your Online Presence Is Spot On

Transsexual dating, and any other niche-specific dating for that matter, is made easier in the digital age. Use this to your advantage, and don’t just focus on building your persona on dating sites or apps. Take other social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or whichever best matches your personality, and create your own little sanctuary where you’ll keep a diary, write blog posts, post pictures, and interact with people from all walks of life. Once you get comfortable talking to people in the digital world and vice versa, you’ll be able to take your game offline, and spread the word that being transgender means nothing short of being super special.