Exchanging hot messages with strangers can be really hot, as you can let your imagination run wild and you can say things you probably wouldn’t in real life. Several years ago sexting was only possible over texts, but nowadays there are many websites where you can get your kink on. The most popular social network for this kind of interaction is Snapchat and there are many reasons why.

If you are looking for a naughty time, try searching for someone by using gay Snapchat Topix. A lot of Snapchat users leave their usernames and and are honest about their sexual preferences on this gay Snapchat forum. You can have your pick, and When you find some interesting gay Snapchat usernames, you can start texting. Snapchat is quickly gaining popularity as the best way to sext. It’s no wonder since it has many useful features.

Photos can’t be saved

Snapchat is different than Viber and Whatsapp, because it does not automatically save pictures to a camera roll. Facebook can also save entire conversations and gives you the option to save photos and videos from chat in the gallery. When sexting, it’s important that your pics don’t get saved to someone else’s phone. This is why Snapchat is great for sexting. Any picture you send disappears after a few seconds. Of course, there is always a little thing called print screen. But don’t worry, we have a solution for that. You can limit your sext to one second view time. No way someone will be that quick, right? If, however, someone screenshots what you’ve sent them, Snapchat lets you know that they have done so. So you can start packing your bags and moving to Antarctica. Just kidding, everything will be ok, just don’t send pics where your whole body (including face) shows. Send your private parts or a photo of your face, but not both.

Disappearing photos make things hotter

When they can take a look at your pic anytime they want it’s not that interesting. But, when you just flash them with your naked body, you will leave them craving for more. View time isn’t just useful for preventing pictures from being downloaded, it also makes the whole sexting experience way hotter.

You can sext anywhere you want

No, you don’t have to stay at home anymore while you are exchanging steamy messages. Snapchat has added a new feature which allows you to snap previously saved photos. So you can make a little photo session at home, and still get down and dirty while you are, for example, buying groceries or paying bills. Well, waiting in line at the bank can now actually be interesting. Just make sure someone isn’t looking over your shoulder while you are sharing your fantasies and hot pictures with your chatting buddy.