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4 Things You Must Never Say To Transgender People

Communication among human beings has always been a rather complicated thing, especially when it comes to specific groups of people. Take transsexual dating niche for example. These people are very sensitive and they can get easily offended if you say… Continue Reading →

Top 3 Ways To Get Over A BBW

BBWs, those adorable creatures in the bodies of sexy beasts, are particularly difficult to get over. Whether she was your girlfriend or your wife, ridding your mind and soul of a BBW is one of the most difficult things you’ll… Continue Reading →

How To Dazzle Your Date When You Are Cougar Dating

Cougars are mature and experienced women and they have dated all sorts of men in the past. They know every trick in the book and they don’t tolerate bulls*it. If you are into cougar dating you should know that your… Continue Reading →

What BBW Dating Means to People Who Practice it?

You may not hear it from your loved ones, but rather more than half of the US populace has an enrolled account on no less than one dating site. All things considered, you can simply envision what number of those… Continue Reading →

Top 3 Things You Must Know Before You Visit One BBW

Online dating seems easy enough that anyone can do it. Basically yes, anyone can chat online, but will they all find the person of their dreams, no. Mostly because some people don’t know the basic rules of online dating. Things… Continue Reading →

Top 3 Tips To Fight TS Date Discrimination

Transgender individuals are one of those groups that face great discrimination on a daily basis. In other to fight it, they usually resort to the wrong tactics that keep them in a vicious cycle they can’t get out of no… Continue Reading →

Give Biker Dating A Chance To Make 2018 The Most Memorable Year Yet

Biker dating has long been popular, but it has never gone mainstream before. Thanks to numerous technological advancements, mainly online and mobile dating services, biker dating has brought all singles interested in love on wheels closer to finding their biker… Continue Reading →

The Evolution of BBW: from Fetish to Invaluable Online Dating Niche [INFOGRAPHIC]

Regardless of whether you’re mindful of it or not, but rather web-based dating has really been a thing for a long while. Before all else, the vast majority trusted that these sites were entirely saved odd, forlorn and to a… Continue Reading →

HIV Dating: Simple Rules Of Texting That Will Change Your Life

HIV dating is nothing unusual these days. Thousands of people try to find love even after they have been diagnosed with HIV. Just because you are positive doesn’t mean your world has come to an end. Give love a shot,… Continue Reading →

Stars Who Had Untraditional Animals As Pets

Have you ever watched Tarzan and wished you could be friends with all those wild animals like he is? Or watched Doctor Dolittle and wanted to pet a tiger like he does? Well, some celebs have usual pets like dogs… Continue Reading →

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