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6 Gay Celebs Who Should Open Snapchat Profiles

Coming out of the closet had always been tough. People are scared of the reactions, and the possible backlash. But, as times are changing, we are getting closer and closer to point where it won’t be so scary to state… Continue Reading →

Misconceptions about dating younger men

As the trend of cougar dating a younger man grows, there are plenty of stereotypes that go around. Both men and women are full of misconceptions about this pairing. So, we decided to shed some light on this subject and… Continue Reading →

Top 3 shemale snapchats

Since the beginning of time, it was known that men used to dress as women. In Greek theatres all the parts, both male and female were acted by men. In recent history, first person to do the sex reassignment surgery… Continue Reading →

Falling for a cowboy

Just imagine this for a second. Dusty, spurred, brown leather boots with a hard wooden heel. Strong, wide stance. Levi’s 501, with a brown belt and a silver horned belt buckle. Tucked in, plaid shirt under a sturdy leather vest… Continue Reading →

Improved Search Heralds Snapchat Improvements – Hooray! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Snapchat is fun but tough to navigate. All that changes with an interface update and a persistent, universal search bar. Snapchat’s phenomenal popularity and growth have in some ways come despite the app’s maddening user interface. The app has a… Continue Reading →

PartyLine Voice Chat vs. Online Dating Sites – Who Takes the Crown? [Infographic]

is a new and innovative way to connect to people that has yet to withstand the test of time, whereas online dating sites have been in the business for years. Party Line does the job for all those people looking… Continue Reading →

How to Go One Step Further in Your BBW Dating

There are quite a few social norms and rules regarding dating, and dating with big and beautiful people is no exception. In fact, such dating is even more complicated by the fact that society’s beauty norms are leaning towards the… Continue Reading →

Singletons: This Is Your Guide To Finding A Soulmate Before Christmas

Don’t you just hate those people who in their mid-30s have been with their partners for over a decade? Or how about those young lovebirds simply bursting with excitement at the prospect of having another date next weekend? Don’t worry,… Continue Reading →

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