Differences are good and should be embraced by society at large because every little peculiarity that we carry on our shoulders makes us who we are, vulnerable, loving and outstanding human beings who long for acceptance and a sense of belonging to a group we identify with. That’s why we’d like to discuss TS dating today in an attempt to bring it closer to the general population that still thinks Caitlyn Jenner is a freak of nature. We’d like to focus on the newbies, and introduce them to the basics of dating a transgender person that are as easy as 1-2-3.


Tip 1: Girls Will Be Girls

Transgender women are just as feminine as any other girls on the planet, and should be treated like the gentle flowers that they are. They don’t need constant validation of their womanhood, but they do like all those things that any other lady does, such as being called pretty or being brought chocolate for no reason whatsoever. Regardless of whether they date straight men or lesbians, transgender women like to be spoiled, pampered and treated like queens. On the other hand, the most disrespectful and hateful thing someone can do to a transgender woman is call her by her birth name, and unless you’re heartless, just don’t go there.

Tip 2: What is Gender Dysphoria?

Most transgender women battle gender dysphoria for most of their lives, and we all need to take the time to understand what this actually means. In theory, gender dysphoria means having an emotional and psychological identity as male or female that is opposite to the biological sex of the person. In practice, this means that most non-op transgender women who haven’t had their sex reassignment surgery yet or are not planning on having one in the near future despise their penises, and don’t like to use them during sex. This is a particularly touchy issue because their penises are usually the only thing that stands in the way of them being regarded as women by the general public, and they don’t even like them to begin with, hence their constant struggle between their gender identity and sexual orientation.

Tip 3: Meet Trans Women Online

If you’re ready to look for transgender dates, the internet is your safest bet, literally. Transgender women are heavily discriminated against everywhere they turn, and they are often victims of vicious violent attacks. When we add prejudice to the equation, they often stay away from public places and prefer the anonymity and seclusion that is available online. That’s why transgender dating sites are the best places to meet them, get to know them better, and give them the opportunity to be who they really are without being afraid of being judged or misunderstood by someone who was not aware of their identity to begin with.