The best way to use Snapchat for men to seduce women off their phones and into their beds.

Snapchat Username Lookup

Lots of men have problems meeting and dating women. It’s not like they are not out there, but instead of being out in the bars and clubs, now the place to meet and set up a hook up is online. Nothing like social media is better for hooks up, and the best place to get started is Snapchat. It’s basically made for flirting and the perfect place for beginners to launch their search for hot and horny chicks. Guys can use a Snapchat username lookup, or use a Snapchat username search geared to a certain liking, like sex and hookups. There are sites devoted to snapsex usernames and ghostcodes where people post their profiles solely for one purpose: sexting.

It all seems so easy now, almost too easy from the days when you has a girl’s phone number, and you had to strategize how after meeting and taking her out again, how were you ultimately going to get her into bed? For the longest time, before the age of Tinder and Snapchat, many men had the trouble of keeping the momentum going once they got a girl’s contact info. How to fill up all that time between getting the digits to when a guy actually goes out and meets her again (if that ever happens).

Even now, if you ask for someone’s social profile, it;s not very cool to ask for a date or hook up on Facebook or somewhere public where everyone can see, especially if it leads to rejection. So, if you’re swiping left too many times, and want to find a way to make sure the women you do meet, the connection does not fizzle out, before the first or next hookup, that’s where Snapchat comes in and fills the gap, allowing you to flirt and maintain contact, so you can get that late night booty call whenever you want, with whomever in your list you want.

It’s pretty obvious that where many men fail, even if they find a Tinder connection, a FB like, or a real number scrolled down on a piece of paper, what gets missed is that crucial step between getting the number and meeting up with the girl a second time. This is where that gap period needs to be addressed so most guys can close on all those deals and hot numbers.

Get Noticed and Be Unforgettable In A Girl’s Busy World

When you think about the lady’s side of things, especially if she is attractive and high-in-demand, she is probably inundated daily, with a constant stream of male advances, entertainment options, and so many other kinds of distractions that make it easy for her to forget about you no matter what kind of amazing impact you had on her the time you met. Think of it this way: if she was interested enough to give you her number on Friday night, but by the time you set up a date on Tuesday, she’s had so many other male advances and messages waiting for her, or hitting her on Facebook chat, and Instagram DM’s, not to mention the guys hitting on her at work or school. That doesn’t include family and social obligations, before you know it, you call, and she is like: “Joe who?”

Hot women have more more choices and options than ever before and she won’t be able to squeeze it all in, so it’s all on you to pick thing up where you left off, otherwise she’ll flake or the interaction simply fades out of memory. So how do you stop that from happening? You use apps like Snapchat to take flirting and interacting to the next level, in between the dating and mating. If you do it right, you won’t need to use any Snapchat profile search, since they’ll come looking for you.

How to Create and Maintain Virtual Attraction

So the best way to start interacting is to do it smartly which means not being needy and and not spending too much time to accomplish your goals. Those goals being to build attraction, comfort and intimacy. How?

A. Give her just a glimpse of the most intriguing aspects of your lifestyle.

B. Give her access to your persona, let her see your face, hear your voice with easy access.

C. Create intimacy and a sexual tension by partial reinforcement on a discreet platform like Snapchat.

Why Snapchat? Because you can reach all these goals across the board, and use one video or photo or message to affect dozens of women in your network. You can use Snapchat to get laid and get laid often. It’s because Snapchat takes texting and sexting to the next level and you don’t need to send any messages really from your phone. It simplifies and organizes your dating life amazingly.

Here is an example, when you look at the choices given to a single hot woman, what do you think she will respond to: A lame faceless message that goes “Hi, what’s up, or How are you? You free this weekend?” that’s probably coming from a number she hasn’t saved in her address book. Or, a Snapchat message that is an interesting or intriguing pic asking a fun or teasing question? An image will get a response every time versus a dry text message. The generic texts that go “How are you” a hot woman gets a million time in her life, and so just gets ignored. Creating guessing games about what you’re wearing or cooking or anything with a tease will get you a response and make her play to see if she can out do you. This just leads to more interaction, desire and fun!

The key here is to stop fawning over hot girls and make them into an interactive challenge where they know you are pursuing them, but not so openly, they have to make effort too if they want some reinforcement. Since images speak louder than words, it’s exactly why Snapchat is the perfect ploy for seduction.

Snapchat seduction will help you keep the momentum going, get her to play with you and then to get her out on a date, and one step further to even sexting you which will ultimately get her into your bed. So no need for Snapchat username lookup ever again.