So, you’ve met your girl on TS meet some time ago, but you feel like it’s as not easy to sweep her off her feet as it was before? Sooner or later every relationship hits this bump in the road. In order to dazzle you girl, you will need to step up your game. She won’t be charmed with basketball tickets, that is for sure but here are some ways you can make her crazy about you.

Old fashioned always works

Many guys don’t want to use those old school moves because they think they are corny. However, girls love them so pay attention. Go for a long and slow walk with her, pull out her chair, say “Sorry” and “Thank you”. Real gentlemen know that this is the right way with ladies.

Let her win

Women hate when they are vulnerable or powerless, so let her win from time to time. Take her out to dinner at her favorite restaurant, or if you want to go to the beach and she wants to go to the park – go to the park. It is not that hard and she will appreciate it. It doesn’t always have to be your way.

Compliments are a good way to go

Compliment her for who she is, admire her for her efforts, praise her for the little things she does for you. Let her know that she is appreciated for who she is. Just make sure to avoid any trans-related compliments. “For a trans girl” is not a good way to finish your sentence.

Get along with her loved ones

You have to get along with people that are close to her. Don’t say negative things about her parents, girlfriends, boyfriends, sisters, and brothers. Those people have been there for her longer than you, so if you get in a fight with them, who do you think would win? Oh, and keep away from her hot girlfriend.

Celebration time

If you think that remembering her birthday will rock her socks off, you are mistaken. However, if you remember your first kiss, first sex, first whatever anniversary, her parent’s birthday or Valentine’s day, you will stay on her good side. Trust us, women remember important dates like elephants.