Believe it or not, many guys are interested in trans dating so you are not alone. If you have met the girl you like and you are beginning to date, we have some advice for you. Before you start going on transgender dates read these tips and you will have a successful dating experience.

She is just a girl

So please don’t be awkward around her. There is no need to mention trans issues or anything like that. When you are on a date, try avoiding this subject entirely. Try to relax and make her feel comfortable. Break the ice with some fun anecdotes. If you make her smile, you are golden.

Show her off

If you have been dating for a while introduce her to your loved ones. If you hide your relationship from your friends and family she will assume that you are embarrassed to be seen with her and you will be single before you know it. If you are really ashamed of her, then you shouldn’t date her at all. Either be proud of your girl or be alone.

Don’t be a fetishist

Trans women can be smart, funny, charming, charismatic and skillful. Focus on her qualities instead on her gender. If you are just curious about trans women and you want one who will fulfill your fantasies, hire a professional. Don’t lead a girl on, give her a chance to find real love.

Find activities you both enjoy

Spice up your dates. Instead of going to a restaurant visit a shooting range, go bowling or play pool. Find out what kind of music she likes and take her to a concert. Make your girl feel comfortable and special. Pay attention to what she has to say and try to remember facts that seem important to her. Tell her you think she’s beautiful. All women love to feel attractive and desirable so shower your girl with compliments.  However, don’t overdo it, you might come off as too needy.

Forbidden topics

Don’t ask her about trans issues. It should be a romantic date, not an interrogation. Avoid talking about politics, religion and money. Don’t mention your past lovers and don’t ask her about hers. Focus on you two and your potential future together.