HIV dating is nothing unusual these days. Thousands of people try to find love even after they have been diagnosed with HIV. Just because you are positive doesn’t mean your world has come to an end. Give love a shot, you might be surprised. The easiest way to get back on the market is through HIV dating sites. However, there are some rules that need to be followed. There’s a lot that can go wrong when you’re chatting. Your message can be confusing or misinterpreted.  Here are some message types that can improve your relationship and some which can burn it to the ground.

Make them feel special

When you have been talking for a while, you probably have some inside jokes. Including them into your message will bring you closer, since it is something that just the two of you understand. You can also let them know you saw something that reminded you of something you talked about. They will know you were thinking of them even when you weren’t chatting.

Compliment them

Compliments are little verbal gifts that make other person feel good (just make sure they are not creepy). Text your potential partner about how beautiful their smile is or how gorgeous they looked on your last date (if you ate at the offline dating point of relationship).

Steamy situations

Online sexting is nothing unusual or shameful. Little buildups like saying “if you were here right now…” can make your date go nuts. Sexting can also help build the bond between people. But before you start, make sure you and the person you are talking to are on the same page.

Don’t be formal

When you are texting, keep in mind that you are not writing an invitation to a royal bal. Keep it light and breezy. Being to formal can make you seem boring.

Forget about long messages

Don’t share too much information over a text. Your message shouldn’t resemble a novel. Be a little but mysterious and keep them wanting more. If you spill everything out, there is nothing left to want. Also keep in mind that long messages can be annoying or boring.

Be optimistic

People who use HIV positive dating sites want someone with a positive outlook on life, not some wet blanket. Avoid sharing your dislikes or concerns when chatting.