If you like a person in a wheelchair, date them. Don’t let anything stop you. The world is filled with prejudices and whatever you do people will talk anyway. So don’t let some else’s opinion ruin your happiness.

Many people get terrified when they are attracted to someone with a physical disability. They look at that person like they are made of glass and they will break any second now. Unfortunately, people in wheelchairs are surrounded by many false assumptions. You can’t do a lot about that, but you can choose not to listen to them. Don’t let something like that keep you away from having a great relationship with your partner. The fact is that people with a physical disability can still be sexy and desirable. If you met the person you like on some of the disabled dating sites, here are some things you should know.

Say goodbye to your sex life

Who even starts these rumors? This has nothing to do with reality. If you have seen a lot of movies maybe you think that a good sex must involve two gorgeous looking people, a king size bed and the sound of the ocean, but let’s be real. Sex is about two people who connect not only on physical, but on mental level. If you really like that person, then nothing stands in your way. All you need for good sex is you two, some creative thinking, imagination and good communication.

Dating will be awkward

Relax, even if the situation is uncomfortable you two can have a good laugh about it. When you are planning a date make sure you are going to a place which is wheelchair assessable. Never focus on their weaknesses, instead focus on their strengths. Talk to your date and find out what are their interests, likes and dislikes. If you cannot see past their wheelchair, then it will be awkward.

You will be their caregiver

Nope, they can take care of themselves just fine. They don’t need you to babysit them. The majority of people with disabilities live fulfilled, satisfying lives. They are active, they have friends, family, jobs and hobbies.

What will your family say?

Maybe they will disapprove that you are handicap dating, maybe they won’t. You never know. But remember that your family only wants what is best for you. When they see that you are so happy with your partner, they will accept your relationship. If they need some explanation and myth-debunking be there to guide them in the right direction.

Forget about fun

There is absolutely no reason why you couldn’t have fun when dating disabled singles. Keep an open mind and include your partner in your activities. If they are unable to participate, they will tell you. However, they will appreciate you asking. Dating a person in a wheelchair can actually be the best experience of your life.a