Let’s take for example the following situation: You’re sitting at your desk looking for online dating services without a care in the world, when you hear a loud thump from the kitchen. You call out to your mom, but there’s no answer. You get nervous and run to see what’s going on, and find your mother lying on the kitchen floor motionless and unresponsive. What’s your next step in a situation like this? Here’s what you need to know.

Experts say that when a loved one suffers a stroke, the best thing you can do is to act quickly. A stroke can cause major damage to brain cells by cutting off the blood flow. The sooner the patient is taken to an emergency room, the better the chances that doctors can restore blood flow to the brain, preventing long-term damage or even a fatal outcome.

Understand the Symptoms

A stroke victim usually has troubles with their vision, speech and cognitive abilities. They sometimes experience weakness on one side of the face or body. Their speech becomes slurred and nonsensical. Often times patients complain of feeling confused, not being able to focus and having unbearable headaches. If you or your loved ones experience these symptoms, get it checked out immediately.


If you think you recognize the symptoms of a stroke, don’t hesitate to call 911 immediately. This means help will be there soon, and the chances of the person surviving the stroke will be much higher. Just take deep breaths and calmly explain the situation on the phone.

Important Information

It can be a major help for doctors to know when the stroke actually happened. So if you see someone having one, jot down the time it occurred. It can also be very important to know what medication the patient is taking, in what dosages and when. If you know this information, bring it with you to the hospital.

Staying Calm Is Key

While strokes can be very scary if you’re not prepared, it’s essential that you keep calm and assure your loved one that everything is going to be fine. Don’t run around screaming and crying since that can make the situation even worse. Focus your attention on the victim’s needs while you wait for the EMTs.