Whether you like them or not, you have to admit that the famous K sisters are real pro’s when it comes so social networking. While Kim Kardashian-West has 98.2 million followers, her sister Kylie Jenner has 91.3 million fans on Instagram.

When it comes to that big question – how to become Instagram famous, it seems like these sisters have the answer. Of course, they are celebrities, so naturally they have a lot of followers, but is there something they do different and thus gain those large numbers of people who want to see their posts? Here is some advice from these Instagram famous people.

Kim Kardashian-West

North West’s mama shared some of her Instagram hacks, and they are not as complicated as we thought.

Forget about planning

All of you who thought that Kim plans when she will post something and what it will be, you’re wrong. This girl is random as much as she can be. Also, she doesn’t like promoting things. As she says, she was obsessed with those waist shapers after the pregnancy, so she took pictures while wearing them. But she won’t promote anything she doesn’t regularly use.

No filters

Although many people have Instagram just because of the filters, Kim doesn’t like them at all. She will just post the picture as she took it, without any editing.

More than words

She hates when people share quotes all the time, so she tries to avoid them completely.

Kylie Jenner

Many celebrities on Instagram can use some tips from Kim’s baby sister.

Don’t show anything you don’t want to

Kylie say her private life is her private life, and it’s nobodies business who is she spending her free time with. She only posts what she wants, and not every detail her fans would probably really want to see. Kylie once said that when once she gets pregnant and has a baby, she will delete her account.

I’m sexy and I know it

Many of Kylies post on Instagram, as well as on Snapchat, have been smoking hot and controversial. But hey, because of that she landed on many magazine covers and got professional photo shoots. Not bad, not bad at all.


This girl uses her social media presence to market her branded products. If you follow Kylie, you surely know that she has launched her own lipstick collection.

Stay fresh

She knows how to spice things up on Instagram. Kylie has her own hair extensions line, and she is constantly changing hair colors and styles. She is doing that even more than her sisters.

Find your idol

Many people have noticed that Kylie has grown to resemble Kim, with both her looks and her fashion style. Kylie had nothing to hide and she said that she likes to dress up as Kim when she is going out. We guess she really likes her big sister’s style.