You can follow your favorite celebs on Twitter or “like” their page on Facebook, but the not-so-new kid on the block, Snapchat, is the place to be. Celebrities are crazy about Snapchat and the fact that their posts disappear into thin air, giving them a sense of privacy and the opportunity to show their fans how they really live their lives. The famous people Snapchat obsession is not going anywhere, so the best thing to do is join in on the craze. But before you do that, you’ll need a few pointers as to know to find superstars on Snapchat. The trick is that celebrities don’t get any special treatment by the platform and are ‘throw in’ there with all the other mere mortals, making it challenging to search for them. However, we’d like to share a few useful tips on how you can find all musicians, actors, and athletes in the blink of an eye so you can really enjoy Snapchat like the rest of us.

“Official” Stories by Verified Accounts

The most important thing that your beloved celebrity needs to have on Snapchat is a verified account if you want to find them, provided you don’t already know their username. A verified account is an account that has lots of followers and is owned by a famous person. You’ll know that an account is verified if the famous person you’re looking for has an emoji associated with that account. Lots of famous people flaunt their Snapchat emojis all over the internet so you can find them on their Instagram or Facebook most of the time. To find a verified account, go to your “Stories” page, and type in “Official” into the search bar. You’ll see a list of all official accounts you don’t already follow, and you’re bound to find a few other people to add other than the one you came to look for using this little trick.

Famous Snapchat Usernames

Famous Snapchat usernames have become an instant hit, just like everyone’s obsession with the platform’s filters that celebrities love to play with. Some of them decided to use their real names, such as Kim Kardashian, who goes by “kimkardashian”, while others have decided to have a little fun, such as Nicole Richie and her “itsnikkifresh”. On the other end of the spectrum sit Justin Bieber with rickthesizzler”, and the Queen of Snapchat Kylie Jenner with “kylizzlemynizzl”. Most celebrities, including Jared Leto, Lady Gaga, and Calvin Harris go by their real names and aren’t that difficult to find if you want to play a guessing game and search by their names. Just like with emojis, lots of stars flaunt their Snapchat usernames on other social networks, so don’t be surprised if you come across them on Twitter or Instagram.