We all know that famous people Snapchat about their daily activities. You can see them doing yoga, hitting the gym, or simply running. But why is running so popular? Almost in every movie or a TV series you can see people jogging. Well, since there are so many benefits of running, no wonder that celebrities do it, too. Here are several reasons why you should include this discipline in your daily schedule.

You don’t need any special equipment

You can basically do it anywhere. You don’t need a fancy treadmill or anything. Just visit your local park or hit the streets. Wherever you are you can always go for a nice run. Even if you are on vacation you have no excuse to avoid exercising. It can be even more fun, because you will have new places to explore.


Who said that you can meet people only in coffee shops and clubs? A lot of people run in the park and in time you will probably meet all of them. If you want to speed up the process you can join local running groups. This way you will meet people who also lead a healthy lifestyle like you.

Money, money, money

Do you know how much does a monthly gym membership cost? Well, running is free since you can do it anywhere. All you need is a pair of good sneakers and you are good to go. Imagine how much money you will save over time.

Health benefits

Ask any doctor, cardio exercises are excellent for your health. Active people are less likely to develop colon cancer or a breast cancer.  It is also great for your heart. No wonder that runners live longer.

All the food

Wonder why celebs behind famous people Snapchat names always post running photos? Because they know that when after running they can increase their carb intake. Goodbye salad, hello spaghetti. Now excuse me while I tie my laces.

It is in our blood

You know that Bruce Springsteen song “Born to run”?  Well, he is not so far away from the truth. Our ancestors used to run to elude pray.

Die calories

It looks easy, but it burns calories like hell. A 160-pound person can burn more than 850 calories per hour.

Hello, sexy

Wonder why famous people on Snapchat upload their running photos? Well, they look smoking hot in their running equipment. But it is the running that helps them maintain that great figure. One more benefit? Runners have more confidence in bed and are more flexible between the sheets.

Protects the brain

Exercise can help you keep the mind sharp and it also reduces symptoms of dementia and protects the brain against Alzheimer’s.

Great skin

Sweating like a pig can actually help you get rid of the gunk that clogs your pores. A jogging session can also boost natural oils, keeping your skin fresh and healthy.  Always remember to remove makeup before you go jogging.