All men want to be good lovers. When a woman looks at them like they are a sex God, their confidence and self-esteem increases. But to be a good lover, you have to know some things.

You probably know how to have sexual intercourse. You must know how to have safe sex. But have you learned those tricks that separate you from the rest of men? There are many sexology questions and answers online where you can find tips for a good sex. Or just keep on reading.

Slow it down

You aren’t running a marathon. If she wants you to go faster she will tell you (and that can be incredibly sexy). But if you are going to fast from the start it is an instant turn off.

Say anything

Having sex in total silence is awkward. Tell her what you like or what feels good to you. If you can’t think of anything to say, good old moaning will do.

Fantasize together

Talking and fantasizing together about an orgy, a threesome, a sex with your neighbor or a mailman will probably be more hot and exciting than a real thing. Create your own fantasy land and enjoy.

Different people enjoy different things

What worked on your previous partners won’t necessarily work on your next one. Don’t assume you know everything about sex and the way they like it. She will probably end up disappointed.

Don’t rip off her clothes

Yes, that is usually what happens in sexy movies, but remember, those are just movies. If you rip her favorite dress or her expensive bra, you probably won’t get lucky.

Remove your socks!

What is it with men and leaving socks on during sex? Unless your partner tells you otherwise take them off. We understand if the room is freezing cold, but in any other circumstances, you have no excuse.

Don’t try to count Smurfs or anything like that

We know you are trying to prolong the intercourse, but when you start counting you forget to pay attention to your partner. Be attentive to your partner, you can make it up to her later.

Clean your hands

Wash your hand before sex, especially if you were cooking before. Have you ever touched your eye after eating a pepper? Now imagine touching your private parts. It hurts like hell. So wash your hands with soap and water. Just don’t go too far and become an obsessive-compulsive cleaner.

Eye contact!

Don’t look around all the time. Look your partner in the eye. If you are always looking away she will think that you are either afraid of intimacy, that you are thinking of someone else, or that you think she is ugly. None of those things will work out in your favor.

Have fun

There is nothing worse than dead serious sex. If something funny happens (we all know about those funny sounds), feel free to laugh. It will ease the tension.