Dating in golden years is sometimes very challenging. Moreover, numerous stereotypes often accompany it, so many older ladies can’t tell what is true and what’s false. They are showered continuously with all those myths so meeting mature singles becomes more complicated than it actually is. So, to help you navigate the rocky waters of the senior dating, we have prepared a list of most common stereotypes which can ruin your love life.

You should take dating seriously

When you are dating in your senior years, you are probably not looking for a husband. Instead of obsessing over finding a perfect man, you should relax, have fun and enjoy this whole experience. Your biological clock isn’t ticking anymore, and your family evidently isn’t pressuring you with when-will-you-get-married questions. Therefore, you have the freedom to make choices that suit your needs best.

Men want to date younger women

A lot of senior ladies throw in the towel before the game has even started because they assume that all men their age want to date younger women. However, this has nothing to do with reality. Experience comes with age, and a lot of gentlemen are drawn to it. On the other hand, if an older man is only interested in dating ladies in their 30s, ask yourself why is that. Would you really want to be with someone who can’t carry an interesting and mature conversation?

Men are not looking for love

Senior women often think that they are the only ones who are looking for a relationship. However, many single older men want to find love and are looking for that strong emotional connection even more than women. This is because ladies have strong bonds with their family members and friends, whereas men form deeper connections only with their partners.

You can’t date younger guys

When a younger man is attracted to an older woman, the first thought that goes through her mind is “What is wrong with him?” If you think like this, you should probably work on your self-esteem. Some younger guys find women who are ten or twenty years their seniors very attractive because older women are mature, accomplished, experienced and low-maintenance. They know how to have a real conversation, and they are not interested in playing those immature mind-games. Therefore, give younger guys a chance. This kind of dating might be that breath of fresh air you need in your life.