Cougars are mature and experienced women and they have dated all sorts of men in the past. They know every trick in the book and they don’t tolerate bulls*it. If you are into cougar dating you should know that your bad boy charm won’t work on them. If you want to hookup with one, you will need to do your best to dazzle her. Here are some tips which should help you with that.

Don’t tell her that she looks good for her age

It may sound like a compliment in your head, but really it is not. You are just telling her that she looks old, or at least that is what she will hear. Sentences that include “for your age”, “in your time” and those sorts of things should be completely avoided.

She knows everything about wining and dining

She has been on countless dates and she know how she should be treated. You can’t fool her. Act like a gentleman, open the door for her and pay for dinner on your first date, even if she offers to pay her share. That ways she will know that you are not just another spoiled, immature guy.

Have a normal conversation

Keep in mind that a conversation is a two-way street, so it shouldn’t be all about you. On the other hand, it is not an interrogation, so don’t ask her a hundred questions so she must answer them the whole night. Talk about your interests and ask her about hers. Find things you have in common. Don’t ask about her past, it can only make her feel old. Compliment her looks, but not in that horny kid kind of way.

Don’t brag

Maybe you have accomplished something you want to brag about, but keep in mind that she has probably dated men far more successful than you. Prove to her that you are witty and charming. All she wants is to have a good time, so make sure that happen. She is dating younger guys because she wants to be wild and get out of her comfort zone. Make her feel young again and she will be yours. Take her out on some exciting dates, romantic restaurants are not your only option.