This article talks about what it means to be a cuckold, what the lifestyle is about and how to avoid being the classic definition of cuckold.

What Is Cuckold

Have you ever heard of the term cuckold? What is cuckold? To start, it’s an old English term for a man whose wife is blatantly cheating on him with another man. Yes that happens a lot in life, women cheat on their husbands, but to particularly call it ‘cuckold’ nowadays means something different than the classic old dictionary definition. Cuckold lifestyles are built around the whole relation between husband and wife, and the man knowing his wife is cheating on him. Take it a step further, and imagine that the husband actually watches and sees how his wife seduces another man. It can be via camera or live in person. Whatever the husband likes, he can organize that type of cuckold lifestyle. What’s unique about this, is that it’s only the woman who cheats and therefore makes her husband into a willing cuckold.

Now it sounds very interesting and not everyone can understand why a man would like to watch his wife being seduced or being screwed by another man. But this is all about the partnership and understanding between the couple which allows them to mutually feel pleasure from their sexual orchestrations.

Cuckold Lifestyle

The cuckold lifestyle is not for everyone. And there are many women who enjoy making their men into cuckolds without their man knowing. There are some men who could go with the flow and indulge in watching their wives having crazy sex with another man, and for others it would spell the end of their marriage. It all depends on what you feel about cuckolding and how traditional your views are on monogamy, marriage and your sex life.

You might have seen it as a porn category that women love since lots of women dream about cheating on their husbands. But what you shouldn’t confuse it with is polygamy or swinging. This type of relationship is all about the inadequacies of the man. He might think his penis is too small, or he can’t perform well or satisfy his wife. He might be obsessed with his inability to be a good lover so getting into this kind of relationship takes the pressure of the husband to have to perform at his wife’s whims. many men in this lifestyle also might have some form of sexual dysfunction so they want to make sure that their wife is sexually satisfied and stays with them. If they compare themselves too much to other men it might paralyze them sexually and so if they are stunted, they can indulge in a cuckold lifestyle without losing their marriage. Many men fantasize about a cuckold relationship so they can watch their wives have sex. They can almost be voyeuristic about it and it’s not technically cheating if the husbands approves and knows and is there!

One more element that is possible is a BDSM angle where the wife feels she needs to punish the husband in a role playing game where he is the submissive and must accept her having sex with other men, while he watches. It’s a type of humiliation that is very popular in the S&M world.

If all this sounds familiar, and you want to learn how to can avoid becoming a cuckold in the classic term, then communication is key. Many time the man might want his woman to engage i the cuckold lifestyle and she may not understand why he wants her to have sex with other men. It could destroy intimacy and the love between the pair. So the best way to avoid becoming a classic cuckold and to avoid your wife cheating behind your back, if to open up and communicate your desires about what you want from your relationship and how that will affect your wife. You have to be sure that she doesn’t fall in love with the other man, so talking and understanding her wishes and wants alongside yours is necessary if you want to live the cuckold lifestyle. You have to explain to thoroughly what is cuckold exactly. And if she’s understanding and loves you and wants to explore sexuality together, then she just might be open to trying it. It’s obviously much easier if both husband and wife have had an interest in cuckolding before they were married, but you can have a successful cuckold relationship if you’re honest about everything. Nothing can happen without communication so make sure she get’s it, before you try.