Even though HIV dating was a mission impossible in the past, poz singles are in a better position these days. All they have to do to find love is join an online dating site, create their profile and start chatting with other users. On the other hand, creating an account might seem easy, but one can make some crucial mistakes which will drive people away. So, we’ve come up with these guidelines that can help you make a kickass profile indeed!

Short and clear

Let people know who you are by using only 300 words, more or less. Your profile should be intriguing enough, so the other users want to get to know you better. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t tell them your life story but keep some things to yourself for now.

A catchy username

The first thing people will notice when they visit your profile is your picture and username so you this is your chance to express some creativity. Choose a username that describes you in some way, but keep in mind that it shouldn’t include your real name.

What makes you unique?

If you check out other profiles, you will start to see a pattern. Almost everyone enjoys listening to music, watching sunsets, eating delicious food, traveling and staying in bed with their partner. If you want to stand out, you should avoid using these clichés. Just take a minute to figure out what makes you unique. Maybe you have an extraordinary talent or a weird hobby? Write about those instead of long walks along the beach.

Don’t lead them on

If you know what you are looking for precisely, make sure to write it down. If someone who is looking for a fling sees that you want to be in a serious relationship, you can rest assured that they will move on. This way, you will avoid receiving a bunch of messages from people who don’t have anything in common with you. When you are vague about yourself, your plans, and interests, there are two possibilities: either no one will contact you, or everyone will (mostly people you would never chat with). However, when you are specific, only the people who share your goals and interests will send you a message.

Show off (but not too much)

If you have a particular talent you are proud of; you can share it on your profile. There are proper ways to talk about your accomplishments without sounding too cocky or egoistic, just make sure you don’t go overboard.