The transgender community is slowly starting to be recognized and deserving of attention, protection, and the right to live and let others live. This is going to be a long and taxing process, but at least society is starting to move in the right direction. The quicker we raiser awareness about all the issues faced by the transgender people, the easier it will be for them to be integrated into society like everybody else.

In addition to discrimination faced when it comes to housing, employment, and health care, trans people have to deal with even bigger problems when it comes to dating. Transgender dates are out there, but they’re largely being ignored by the media, and as a result by the general public. We’d like to do our part to help this community gain acceptance that it deserves by discussing the biggest pitfalls of TS dating to shed some light on the problem.

To Tell Or Not To Tell

People who don’t experience stigmatization often can hardly relate to what trans people go through on a daily basis. Obviously, they’d think that if a transgender woman doesn’t reveal her identity right off the bat that she’s being deceitful, but they don’t stop to think what it’s like to be constantly rejected and discriminated against because of who you are. Should trans women say they’re trans to potential partners unaware of their identity? Sure. However, a bit more compassion and understanding never hurt anyone, and if society wasn’t so perplexed by trans people, they wouldn’t be reluctant to disclose their identity in the first place.

Fluid Sexuality

Another common pitfall is the fact that sexuality of TS people is a mystery. Are they gay? Who are they attracted to? The answer is simple – it always depends on the individual. Some trans people are attracted to men, others are attracted to women, and some are bisexual, just like everybody else. The trouble is that, for instance, gay women and straight men wouldn’t go out with a trans person because they take great pride in not having anything to do with other people’s penises, so it’s hard for trannies to find a person they could commit to without being objectified and treated as a personal unicorn. Most transgender people are gender non-conforming and feel they’re androgynous, which can be very confusing in a society that lives by strict gender rules.