Women and girls all around the world have to face those sculpted bodies in commercials, social networks, magazines and television. Internet is overflowing with tips and tricks on how to get slim, how to have the perfect lips, eyebrows, hair and body. But the same publicity that the stars enjoy makes all those girls lose confidence, leaving them longing for perfection that doesn’t really help much if you are unhappy.

Under pressure.

Number of women that are unsatisfied with their look is constantly grooving. They aspire to be like their idols. Wearing designer clothes in a size 2. But why is that? Life can be filled with problems, serious problem like family, health, jobs. Finding something to worry about is already hard enough without the pressure that society puts on the importance of physical appearance. We firmly believe that ladies need to realize that there are many bbw dating opportunities out there and to accept their bodies.


Big beautiful women. Yes, they exist. Girls of all shapes and sizes can be beautiful but they don’t all fit into that slim box of mainstream ideals. Unfortunately, there are still many bbw singles out there. The fact the women who are big and curved are still ashamed for it, is just appalling. Even in early age, girls are usually more judged than boys. All they have to do is take a shower and get dressed, but when it comes to girls and women, the devil, as they say, lies in the details. From manicure to pedicure, countless procedures, bunch of money spent on literary-face paint, like you’re going to war and the objective is to get compliments and find someone who will love you for who you are underneath all the “equipment”. Bizarre, isn’t it?


Being confident and self assured is not about your size. It is about how you see yourself. If you stand in front of a mirror and say, “hey there beautiful, your skin is glowing today” it will boost the confidence right away. If you want to put on makeup do it, but do it for yourself. Chances are that no matter how hard you try to catch up with the ideals and standards set by society, you’ll never be fully satisfied. It will only burden you more and make your life a living hell.

Moving forward.

Dating can be hard in such cases because you constantly doubt yourself. You maybe can’t relax and enjoy, have fun while flirting and sipping on that ice cold margarita. But this condition isn’t permanent. Maybe you’d rather first try out the online dating world, there are plenty of bbw dating sites at your disposal. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable in t shirts and sneakers, won’t leave the house in sweatpants but can’t find anything that fits your body as well as your taste. I have some great news for you. Style has no size. She is too curvy? She is fat. Unattractive? Too tall, too short, too much of anything, will always, without a doubt, draw people’s attention. So make it you own. I may be all of that, but look how big my smile is. Look how confident I am. Look how none of your words mean anything to me because I know my own worth. I am fabulous. Deal with it.