If you are tired of dating sites for bikers, you can always give Tinder a shot. You are afraid you won’t be able to recognize a biker only by his profile picture? You really don’t need to worry about that, he will either post a picture of him posing beside his bike or he will be wearing a leather jacket. Either way, you will easily spot him. If you are interested in trying out Tinder, here are some things you probably don’t know about guys’ and their online profiles.

He asked for feedback

If you see a profile with a witty description or a great picture, its owner surely asked for feedback. His friends probably helped him choose his best photo and came up with that memorable one-liner. Well, Tinder is a brutal place, so he uses all the help he can get.

He stole that opening line

His icebreaker made you laugh so hard you almost peed your pants? Try Googling it, we guarantee it will pop up someplace else. However, that doesn’t mean you should blow him off. Hey, he found a smooth opener that works, why shouldn’t he use it?

You’re not the first person he used it on

Don’t kid yourself and think that you are the only one who received that message. Odds are he sent it to a lot of people. You may feel disappointed that you are not that special to him, but let us be realistic for a second. Do you really believe that he comes up with something new and witty every time he wants to send a message to someone? Of course he doesn’t!

He swiped right like a maniac

Sometimes guys just don’t have the patience to look at pictures and they just swipe right without paying attention to anything. Afterward, they take a look at their matches and choose whom they will contact.

He’s double-checked to make sure you are real

If he thinks that you are too good to be true (congrats!) he definitely used Google image search to find out whether he is being catfished.

He will mirror your behavior

If it took you several hours to respond to his message, don’t expect that he will answer in a matter of minutes. He’s just mirroring your behavior, so don’t waste time sitting by the phone.