Do you have a slightest clue as to what pansexual means? Well, a lot of people cannot keep track of those new labels but if you continue reading, you might even figure out that you are, in fact, pansexual. Are you surprised? Well, if you don’t care whether you are going on a transgender date, or on a date with a cis man or a woman, you might be pansexual.

These people experience sexual attraction differently in comparison with an average person, and if you want to learn more about pansexuality, just read the most common questions about it.
Is it the same as being bisexual?

A lot of people automatically assume this because pansexual people do date more than one gender. However, the big difference is that pansexuals don’t ‘see’ the gender. Yeah, it can be a little bit hard to wrap your head around it but bear with us.

Namely, they don’t care about the person’s gender; they don’t pay the slightest attention to it. To them, a person’s energy is the most important thing and their brain just does not divide people based on their sexual characteristics. Are you finally starting to see the difference between bi and pan? Basically, bi people are attracted to two genders, while pan are attracted to all, whether it’s male, female, non-binary, trans people, etc.

Are they only attracted to personality?

You have demisexual people, who are attracted only to personalities. However, pansexuals can still be shallow, so to speak, and attracted solely to a person’s appearance.

Are pansexual, polyamorous and gender fluid all the same thing?

Start taking notes, because these are all different things. First of all, ‘pan’ refers to sexuality, meaning the gender you are attracted to. ‘Poly’ refers to the types of relationships you have. For instance, if you can’t see yourself committing to just one person, you are polyamorous. When people mention ‘gender fluid’ you should know that this refers to a person’s own gender identity. This is how an individual ‘feels’ they fit into the social notion of gender.

Aren’t they just confused?

They are very aware of who they are attracted to and how they are attracted to them. They are not at all confused and they know who they are.