Despite the fact that we’re seeing new things being designed each day, such as personal flamethrowers and senior dating sites, a few things will never show signs of change – like what not to say to a senior. In that name, here are the worst 4 things you can say to a senior.

1. You Could Do it if you’d Only Try

We’ll begin off with a line you could state to a senior that contains almost no consideration. Saying something along the lines of “you could do that if you would only try” is basically the same as saying “you’re not trying hard enough.”

Because you saw a video some place of a 75-year-old fella lifting weights, running and doing pull-ups, it doesn’t imply that your grandmother could do that with her osteoporosis and titanium hip. Furthermore, implying that a senior isn’t trying hard enough is just plain wrong – these people have done their fair share in life and needn’t try to do anything they don’t feel like doing.

2. You Can’t Understand It

If you want to be condescending, then this is the sentence you need to tell a senior. In spite of the fact that their bodies don’t work like they used to, the psyche of a senior stays sharp for quite a while – for the most part, they’re substantially more keen than any given young adult, truth be told.

We’ve mentioned senior singles websites before simply due to the fact that they represent a senior’s ability to understand things that weren’t originally designed for people over 50. Mature singles dating is the perfect example of how something that was meant for younger people (in this case, online dating) can be adapted to seniors and in turn, allow them to do things like every other person.

3. Behave According to Your Age

Just on the grounds that somebody is more than 50 doesn’t mean they need to act like it. Remember that old fit man from the first section of this rundown? That is a decent illustration. No one is qualified to choose whether somebody’s conduct isn’t suitable for their age, while everybody is qualified for act whichever way they please.

Interesting stuff happens when seniors decide to stop acting their age. They start, for example, lifting weights, getting fit and living a healthy life, which makes them incredibly strong and durable considering their age. Furthermore, there have been numerous cases where people over 50 have achieved incredible feats because they wouldn’t confine to the traditional rules of being a senior.

4. You’re Adorable

This might seem illogical, but it’s actually just common sense. Saying that an old person is “adorable” or “cute” is plain demeaning due to the fact that you ought to show respect for that person rather than using adjectives that usually go along with babies, kittens,and puppies.

Seniors aren’t adorable – they’re wise, experienced and knowledgeable. Be respectful of their age as well as their qualities by simply not resorting to calling them “adorable” or something along those lines.