Whether you’re just sitting at home looking at ts date sites, working long hours in your office or studying till the wee hours of the night, you might have noticed that those pesky pounds tend to pile up if you don’t keep your body active. But before you start working out endlessly at the gym, here are a couple myths that need to be cleared about weight loss.

Strength training = Bulky muscles

Many people think that doing strength training is helpful only when you want to grow large muscles and look like a bodybuilder. This is a complete lie. Yes, men are more prone to growing large muscles because of the testosterone in their bodies, but women must work really hard if they want to become bulky. A normal strength routine will do you no harm. Quite the opposite. Building lean muscle helps you lose weight because muscle tissue requires energy to sustain itself, thus burning more calories.

The Myth of Spot-training

So, your belly started bothering you and you decided to do some crunches every day to get rid of it. Even though you feel stronger, your belly fat is not going anywhere. This is because spot-training is a myth. If you have excess fat in your body, it means you need to lose it overall. You can’t just make your body burn fat in one specific area. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the best ways to get rid of fat. It is also recommended to combine HIIT with strength training to reach your goal faster.

Just Do Cardio

Running on the treadmill for hours on end is generally believed to be the best method for shedding those extra pounds. Yes, it might be effective if you are looking to boost your metabolism and add to your daily calorie deficit. However, you won’t be losing weight very fast, since you’re not building up much muscle tissue. Try doing high-intensity cardio routines together with strength training instead.

Sore Muscles = A Good Workout

Yes, sore muscles can indicate that you’ve worked very hard at the gym. It means you’ve put a large amount of stress on your muscles. However, if you drink enough water, refuel your body shortly after your workout, your muscles will recover faster and give you the chance to get fit without all the pain.