Every girl out there fantasizes about dating a biker, at least once in her life. This is perfectly understandable, especially considering the fact how cool these fellas are. Motorcyclists are handsome, rugged, and most importantly, they have awesome bikes. If you too want to meet local bikers and seduce them, you should definitely check out these four crucial tips that will help you score a hot biker date.

Don’t Beg For Attention

You should know that being desperate for attention won’t get you far in the biker world. They consider this type of behavior to be unbecoming, so whatever you do, make sure to avoid it. These fellas love natural and confident girls, so don’t pretend to be someone else so that you could score a hot date. Feel free to flirt with them openly, but find the way to remain cool.

Wear Leather

Begging for attention is wrong, but there are subtle and clever ways to attract an average biker. As you know, motorcyclists have a thing for leather outfits, that’s simply a part of their culture. Therefore, to intrigue them, you should pick a leather-based outfit. Put on some old-school denim jeans, leather boots, and leather jacket. Trust us; you won’t be able to fight off ruggedly handsome suitors.

Show Him You Know A Thing Or Two About Bikes

When they’re not riding or maintaining their precious two-wheelers, bikers spend most of their spare time talking about them. It’s safe to say that most of them are obsessed with these machines. The unconditional love they have for their bikes may actually help you on this quest. All you need to do is display a certain level of knowledge about motorcycles, and you’re in. Every rider out there dreams about a hot girl who knows a thing or two about bikes.

Tell Him That You Need A Ride Home

The first thing you need to know about motorcyclists is that they just can’t turn down a damsel in distress. So, if you play your cards right and subtly tell him that you need a ride home, he won’t be able to resist you. This is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to flirt with bikers.