Communication among human beings has always been a rather complicated thing, especially when it comes to specific groups of people. Take transsexual dating niche for example. These people are very sensitive and they can get easily offended if you say something inappropriate. So, if you’re interested in being successful in this part of the dating realm, make sure to never say these 4 terrible things to transgender individuals.

“You’re Fortunate, You Know What It’s Like To Be Both Genders”

First of all, being transgender has nothing to do with fortune or luck. These people have been through a lot of horrible and painful things, so “fortunate” is the worst possible choice of words out there. Secondly, they always felt like a girl or a boy, but they were stuck in the wrong body. So no, they don’t know what it’s like to be both.

“You People Are So Popular Nowadays”

This is definitely one of the worst things you could say to a trans person. Trust us, the last thing these people want is to be popular or in the center of attention. All they want is to get in tune with their gender identity and to be left alone by the public. They just want to find their place in this world. So please, don’t envy them.

“When Did You Decide To Become Transgender?”

Being transgender is not a matter of choice. These individuals were unfortunate to be born with the wrong sets of reproductive organs. They’re literally stuck in the wrong body and they simply have to make the transition in order to feel complete. All they want is to feel comfortable in their own skin. Therefore, they didn’t decide to become trans, they had to do it in order to have a healthy and fulfilling life.

“Your Sex Life Must Be Fun”

Well, again, this is a poor choice of words. You have to bear in mind that these people are rather sensitive, especially when they have to be intimate with someone. They are afraid of judgment and rejection, so no, their sex life is not fun, at least not until they find their soul mate. Also, this is a private matter and you shouldn’t be rude and intrusive.