Several decades ago, dating was all about flowers, holding hands, secret kisses and talking. Today it is all about chatting, free dating online, blind dates and – sexting. Yes, sending dirty texts and pictures to your potential match is a part of every new relationship, but how to know when it’s the perfect time to hit that send button? How to send a perfect sext to a person you have just started going out with? We understand that putting yourself out there can be nerve-wracking, so we have prepared several tips you should take into consideration when sexting a new love interest.

Consider what kind of relationship you are searching for

Before you make your move, you have to think about the end result. As you probably assume, sexting approach may differ depending on what kind of relationship you are looking for. If you are looking for a hookup and nothing more, feel free to initiate the full-dirty-mode. Send him explicit pictures or naughty texts and you will probably achieve your goal. However, if you really like the guy and you see a wedding dress in your future, you should probably stick to flirty messages and acting coy.

Consider the timing

Have you ever woken up in the morning just to find a dick pic in your inbox? When it comes to sexting (and most things in life), timing always matters. It is best to steer the conversation in a sexual way when you are positive that the person is alone and at home. Obviously, the evening is your best choice, otherwise you may find yourself in an awkward situation.

Take things slowly

If you are not sure how comfortable he is with sexting, just take things slow. Ask open-ended questions about his desires and fantasies and see where it takes you. If you start talking about leather lingerie and spanking, you might come off a bit too strong for his taste. Therefore, play it safe and take baby steps.

Avoid sending pictures of something he hasn’t seen

If you are still testing the waters, don’t send him pictures of your body parts that he still hasn’t seen in real life. First of all, you want to leave some things to the imagination. Second of all, you will get his motor running without coming on too strong. Keep in mind that when you are sexting with someone you have just met on one of the online dating services, you shouldn’t take full-body pictures. You don’t want to find photos of yourself somewhere on the Internet, right?