Do you ever feel like a magnet for jerks? Honey, you are not the only one. Many women find themselves in bad relationships with toxic partners over and over again. Even the smartest, strongest women fall into their trap. These pathologically self-centered men have some pretty amazing traits, so they easily dazzle even the wisest women. In case you were wondering how narcissists fool even the brightest ladies, regardless of whether they have profiles on BBW personals or are members of cougar dating scene, here is how they do it.

They make you feel like you are the only girl in the world

First and foremost, they know how to form a connection with a lady so that she feels like she has known them for her entire life. And given that we all know that a true connection is something difficult to find, it is no wonder that you will let your guard down the moment someone seemingly amazing comes along. Finally, this kind of behavior will make you ignore all of those big signs on the wall telling you that you should get the hell out of there.

Red flags

When you are impressed with a guy (because he has swept you off of your feet) you might not notice some “tiny” details such as him being rude to waiters, always leading the conversation or invading your personal space. Keep in mind that narcissists are very manipulative people, and don’t be surprised if your date guilts you into going along with him and his ideas, too.

They know how to exploit someone’s insecurities

When you start dating a narcissist, the first thing he will do is dehumanize other people you care about. He will do it so subtly and pass it off as humor that you might not even notice it. Through making jokes at others expense, he will pinpoint their flaws and make you drift apart from them. The next thing he will do is get overly involved in your life, while you won’t be involved in his at the same time. If he starts telling you who you should and shouldn’t spend time with, run like the wind. It is his way of micromanaging your life, which can even seem endearing at first but will make you miserable in the long run.