3 Tricky Ways Narcissists Fool Even The Smartest Women

Do you ever feel like a magnet for jerks? Honey, you are not the only one. Many women find themselves in bad relationships with toxic partners over and over again. Even the smartest, strongest women fall into their trap. These… Continue Reading →

4 Guidelines For Sending That Perfect First Sext To a Guy

Several decades ago, dating was all about flowers, holding hands, secret kisses and talking. Today it is all about chatting, free dating online, blind dates and – sexting. Yes, sending dirty texts and pictures to your potential match is a part of every new… Continue Reading →

3 Rules of Dating Younger Women When You Are in Your 50s

If you’re single again in your 50s, and instead of visiting dating sites for seniors or dating women your own age you have decided to pursue younger ladies, the first thing you need to know is that it shouldn’t be… Continue Reading →

Most Common Mistakes Farmers Make On Dating Sites

Living in the country and having a farm is not as easy as it might seem. These people work every single day of the week and they rarely have time to socialize and go on dates. This is exactly why… Continue Reading →

6 Modern Senior Dating Rules Mature Singles Should Follow

In the past, it was rather natural for seniors to spend the rest of their days alone that after a death of their spouse or a divorce. However, times have changed, and many mature single people now decide to give… Continue Reading →

6 Signs that Commitment Terrifies You

When you really like someone, people immediately assume that you are ready to commit. However, there are a lot of members of the online dating club who are able to have feelings for someone but are still terrified of intimacy… Continue Reading →

Can Your Sexual Relationship With A Cougar Become Something More Serious?

Although some cougars are looking for serious commitment, most of them just want to have fun and be involved in a purely sexual relationship. In this light, they have one night stands, friends with benefits or numerous flings which satisfy… Continue Reading →

4 Rules You Need To Keep In Mind When You are Dating a Disabled Person

If it happened that you found a potential match on one of the disabled dating sites, you would probably be worried about doing or saying something inappropriate. We get it, going out with someone in a wheelchair makes you feel… Continue Reading →

5 Places Where You Can Easily Meet Widowers

Although some women consider widowers dating to be quite a challenge, there are some who prefer dating these men. It may sound weird, but it actually makes sense in a way. First off, widowers were already married, so they don’t have commitment issues (which… Continue Reading →

4 Southern Cocktails Your Cowboy Will Love

When you meet a guy through a cowboy dating service, the chances are you will have your first date at the bar. However, we strongly recommend you become your own mixologist by the time the second date arrives so that… Continue Reading →

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